Mommy Sproat’s Day (err…morning) Off

What I’m about to write will make any stay at home mom drool with jealousy: I am sitting outside writing WITHOUT MY KIDS AROUND.

This? This is SO AMAZING.

Not that I don’t love my kids. I totally do. But finishing my doctor’s appointment then car service repair (airbag recall) significantly early is a pleasant surprise. The kids are at daycare, so I decided to find a nice sunny spot to enjoy this glorious weather and write. (Spoiler alert: this is kind of a vacation. hot damn!) And people watching to boot? awwwwwwwww dang. (A chick just walked by with a CHILD’S FACE TATTOOED ON HER LEG AND IT WAS THE KID FROM THE SHINING. True story).

Oh look, I’m not having my clothing pulled by an infant that wants to climb up me! No toddler snot! No “MOMMMMMYYYYY I NEED TO EAAAAT” (I swear that kid could out-eat the Japanese food eating champion)! No needing to monitor anyone else but myself. NO RESPONSIBILITY! WEE!!!!

So…this post is me just fucking around with train of thought.

I once read that a woman’s mind is like a browser with 20+ open windows. (Note: it is. But the to do list is open too). Sitting out here just writing? So fun. Did I mention it’s fun? I need hobbies.

Maybe we as moms need an occasional few hours “off” to recharge for ourselves.

Next on my agenda? Hot date at the O’ Club with my husband for lunch, then picking up my snuggle bugs. Because by then I’ll want them back. 🙂

Update: I realize what a cliche this post is. I’m ok with that. My minivan & I have thoroughly enjoyed freaking out gate guards today by blaring N’Sync’s Bye Bye Bye while doing the knockin dance moves (don’t judge. You know the moves I’m referencing).

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