Well I’m still alive, so I guess I should practice my kegels…and HAPPY NEW YEARS!

I was going to actually write a prolific post today about my New Years Resolution & update on Elsie being almost 8 months old now (TOO FAST! TOO FAST!), but I got a bit of a different perspective on life tonight.

While at the Commissary I noticed a bunch of military police cars around. I even tweeted about it being a waste of resources because what could warrant every military cop on base being at the Commissary? (Editor’s note: yes, I do realize that tweet said Maurine. I was walking and tweeting and not proofreading. Pretty sure my New Years Resolution should be more proofreading, but whatevs). Anywho, I find out later that a former employee, a teenage son of a Marine, waltzed into the Commissary with a small arsenal and was about to shoot when a MP (military police) tackled him, thwarting his attack. The kid was carrying multiple weapons, ready for a spree. My bagger was very chatty about it because she was next to the prospective shooter when all this went down so she’s simply thankful for her life.

I guess, my point is, what if there hadn’t been an armed guard at the Commissary? Would Elsie and I be here? Thankfully we weren’t ever in real danger today, but that situation could’ve played out very differently. I do feel foolish for taking for granted the safety being on base provides, yet happy that the systems put in place worked to prevent a tragedy. Do I still believe we should limit the sale of assault rifles? You’re damn right. Had that kid not been stopped today he could’ve shot up to 30 bullets before needing to reload. 30. That’s insane.

In 2013 I hope for change. Our nation is certainly in need of change since people feel they need to resort to these methods to resolve their issues!

Well…now that I’ve Debbie-Downer’ed your evening…my Resolution for 2013? To be braver. Too often I hold back from things because I’m scared or being too cautious. Today’s events have certainly made me realize that while I was not in true danger today, I could’ve been, and that every moment is precious.

And that I should probably change my beneficiary on my life insurance to my husband.

Happy New Year!


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