The Third Month

So (surprise) I’m late on this update again. However a friend of mine lets her daughter do her monthly updates on Facebook, and since I think it’s cute I’m totally letting Elsie take the reins here. So here she goes:




Howdy! So my mom doesn’t get to write as often as she’d like, though I can’t imagine why, so I’m going to update on this month.

Modeling some of mommy’s old baby clothes

This month, other than improving my cute, I successfully rolled over from back-to-front & front-to-back. Because I am an elite diva I have chosen to not repeat the back-to-front trick because, let’s face it, tummy time is for suckers.

I have also “found my voice” this month, whatever that means. The Food Source and Cuddle Man told me that during one of our talks. We talk a lot. Sometimes I sing to them. When brother is around I’ll sing with him, too. We have a very musical home.

Dude. Fingers.



Oh oh oh! I found my hands this month! THESE THINGS ARE AWESOME!!! Did you know they’re ATTACHED to you?! I didn’t until I bit one. But I can reach out and grab ALL THE THINGS! (things that are within arms reach, because I’m not exactly mobile yet…though I have Jedi mind tricked brother into bringing me things…).



The brother and I are getting along fairly well. I don’t have him trained quite yet, as he seems to think stepping on me is kosher. However he does have his moments where he’s a sweet guy and I enjoy having him around. I especially like it when he stresses out mom by running around with his diaper off and pees everywhere! That makes me laugh every time. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that – I’m laughing now!

Well, I’m hungry, so time to get Food Source to pick me up. Later!



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