The Second Month

In traditional mother-type fashion, I’m a week late to post my daughter’s second month update.

This month, Elsie’s personality has started to come out more. She is one tough nugget! Asher will often pet her head while saying “gentle” then occasionally slap her. It always happens so fast I can’t stop it! But Elsie just cries for a few seconds, gives Asher a “boy you BEST watch yo back when I get control of these limbs!” look, and then happily goes back to coo’ing and smiling. She’s a great baby!

I dare not mention exactly how long she’s sleeping at night, but I’ll put it this way: Asher at this age was up every 2 hours. Elsie sleeps so much longer than that so I asked the pediatrician if I should worry. True story.

At her two month checkup we found that Elsie is 1oz shy of 12lbs (almost 5lbs gained since birth), is 23in (2in gained since birth!), and has a head that is in the ninety-something percentile (my kids have huge noggins, which is evident by the destruction they leave on their way out). She’s growing wonderfully and I couldn’t be happier. Yay for super tata’s!!

As of now I still have days where dividing my time between both kids is hard, and I’m still learning how I can balance that with keeping the house in some sort of order, but it’s getting “easier”. By easier, I mean more second nature. The time it takes to get a diaper bag packed/checked,/kids loaded up and out the door is becoming less and less AND I’m even managing to remember my own water bottle.

Also this month my kiddos won a costume contest at the Exchange on base for their Thing 1 Thing 2 get ups. It was hokey, but it came with a sweet gift card so I can’t complain. Plus Asher chased the Cat in the Hat all over the store. Good times.

Meanwhile, Asher is 20 months and now knows all his letters, numbers 1-10, and a good deal of shapes/colors. It’s freaking me out how fast he learns. It’s surreal to see him see a letter/number and SAY it, or point out the correct letter/number/color/shape when I ask him where it is. INSANE Y’ALL. He’s not even 2! Guess I have to actually start teaching him things before he gets bored on me and starts acting out like I did when I was a kid…

Anyway, I don’t have any real way to conclude this post other than “so that’s my half-assed update on my baby’s second month”. So…yeah. Enjoy these photos? 🙂





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