Awwwwwwman…it’s about to get real!

Seeing that I’m taking this “must relax more to keep the baby from falling out” thing seriously, it leaves me with a little more time to write. SILVER LININGS, PEOPLE!

So I’ve decided that maybe I should do a few posts on some stuff I’m passionate about-birth, breastfeeding, and cloth diapering. I’m working on them behind the scenes and will likely pop them out soonish…like a real blogger! I know, it’s scary. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t expect any real regular posting.

Basically, I’ve noticed a lot lately with friends and others that we as a society are simply uneducated when it comes to birth and breastfeeding. Cloth diapering also carries some misconceptions as well. I’m not going to pretend to know everything there is about these things, but I’ve found that the more educated I become on it, the better I feel about choices I make. We go with what we hear are the “norms” without really understanding or questioning why. I guess my point of writing these upcoming posts is to encourage other moms to ask WHY and become more involved.

I’m not saying one HAS to birth unmedicated, breastfeed, or cloth diaper; just that perhaps one should be more informed regarding the choices and be INVOLVED in their choices.

So…yeah. That’ll happen. And one day I’ll finish writing Asher’s birth story (my goal is to finish it before he’s two…he’s 17mo now…heh). And maybe I’ll even write Ladybug’s birth story within a year of her birth. Lofty goals, people.


In other news, last night Asher kept waking up quite a bit. I finally got to the point where I gave up waddling back and forth to his room (which hurts like a bat to the britches, I tell ya! Dang pubic symphysis!) and I decided to bring him back to sleep with me. We slept great till Matt called at 3:30am for 2 minutes to say hello for the day. I was then wide awake for an hour. Asher kept snoring. I fell asleep at 4:30, only to wake at 5 because Asher had woke up and discovered the dogs were snuggled in bed with us. He was gleefully saying “BowBow!” (Bowser is one of our dogs. We occasionally call him BowBow, Asher now calls every dog BowBow). It took some coercing, but I got him back to sleep in his room for 30 min or so.

Things I learned from co-sleeping with my toddler last night?
-You haven’t successfully co-slept with a toddler until you get hit in the face and get a fat lip
-Apparently YOU are a more comfortable pillow than anything else.
-You don’t actually need circulation to live. As evidenced by him sleeping on my throat for part of the night.
-It’s a bit incredible that you can sleep with 26+ pounds draped on you, but you can and it’s semi-restful at that.
-Waking up to snuggles and that cheerful sweet voice is something I will never tire of. 🙂

Until next time, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Awwwwwwman…it’s about to get real!

  1. Sakya Schuler says:

    You nailed it with sleeping with the tiny humans. We have done it a few times when he couldn’t sleep and even when he was asleep I couldn’t sleep at all as much as he moved around.

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