Toddler recipes & domesticity ZOMG

So thanks to the time-hoarding-succubus that is Pinterest I now have an arsenal of cute new recipes to try out. My kid need not worry-I have an entire board devoted to his culinary desires.

Today I made one of these recipes without blowing up the kitchen. (note: I don’t even attempt a recipe if it’s not listed as “easy”, true story.)

So I made what essentially is mini calzones for Asher. They’re totally simple! The recipe said to use cheese & pepperoni, but I did it with spinach because my kid will eat green, dammit, even if I’m sneaking it into food!!

Ok so here’s the recipe-

You need:
-Big flaky croissant dough (makes 8)
-Mozzarella sticks (4 total)
-Cooked Spinach (I cooked a whole bag of spinach in some olive oil & added in a dab of refrigerated minced garlic for flavor…whatever I didn’t use of the spinach today I’ll end up using on mini pizzas later)
-some melted butter/refrigerated minced garlic mixed together in a small dish to glaze with later. I have ZERO idea how much i used because I winged this (I’m so cool)

To make:
-preheat oven per dough instructions
-cook your spinach (see parenthesis after spinach above)
-spray baking pans w non stick spray
-roll out rough so they all look like triangles

-pat some spinach on the side of the dough triangle you’ll roll up from (I’m all technical and shit)
-add 1/2 stick of mozzarella stick on top of spinach

-roll up the croissant & put on sheet
-repeat with the rest of the croissants

-glaze the tops of each doughy croissant with your butter/garlic mix

-cook 12-15min till golden brown

-LET THEM COOL OFF AND DON’T TRY TO SHOVE ONE IN YOUR MOUTH FRESH FROM THE OVEN (…I don’t know any adults who may have tried this…)
(no photo of this theoretical incident could be located)
-EAT EM. Yummmmmmm!

Honestly? These were so easy, and Asher likes that he can hold them. Delicious!



(all photos taken w my iPhone and were not going for cookbook photo quality)


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