And for his final act in office his first year, Asher SHARES!

This time last year, I was in the triage at the Labor & Delivery Ward of Pensacola Naval Hospital having some chick shove her hand up my cooch (this is the standard “hi, my name is” at the L&D ward, btw). Amazing to think it’s been a whole year and that tomorrow my sweet baby will be one.

We thought he had hit all the milestones he was going to prior to turning one, but we were wrong. His final milestone prior to his first birthday? First real illness. AWESOME. This bug has caused 2 visits to the ER and several grey hairs. The first visit being Halloween night, two days after Matt had officially been reunited with us after being gone for training for just over 2 months.

Asher went from this:

Super Asher's First Halloween! The Curl took FOREVER to accomplish.

To this:

Snuggling on Daddy. Pitiful. 😦

In a matter of hours. HOURS. It was awful. We were still visiting family in Baltimore so we went to the Pediatric ER in Baltimore. Official diagnosis that evening? Croup. I never want to hear him breathe like that again. The cough that sounded like a seal barking is mildly amusing, but not coupled with him having issues with breathing. Poor kid. Also? I noticed my first grey hair the next day-COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

The week progressed. We followed up with his regular pediatrician & got more meds because it hadn’t gone away. Then on Sunday he spiked a fever he hadn’t had before. Asher has NEVER had a fever. Cue more grey hair. 103?!?! HOLYSHIT. To the hospital!

…at least this trip was during the daytime and we got to check out the ER facilities aboard LeJeune (note: they are terrible. BEYOND terrible. Shockingly awful. Eesh).

But we found out that his virus had turned bacterial because snot didn’t drain right and he now had an ear infection, probably a bronchial infection, and was getting over the virus that caused the croup. But at least once they gave him meds at the hospital he was able to sleep again, even if it was snuggled on daddy:

Apparently Daddy makes him better. I mean, I already knew this, but now it's proven science.

The days that have followed involved a very snuggly baby who seemed much more comfortable and less whiny. Today? He’s fit as a fiddle. Still on antibiotics, but MUCH better.

But Asher decided he wanted to give mommy and daddy a birthday gift, too:

If he weren’t so dang cute, I might be peeved.

Now I shall leave you with the video of Matt driving my beach-ball-bellied bum to the hospital last Nov 9th, around 10:30AM CST where I would push out this child-who-is-so-great-at-sharing the next day. I’m gloriously sexy for having been in active labor for just over 9 hours, I know. Enjoy.
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