Children’s Programming is Just Disturbing

When you’re a kid, you think kid’s shows are awesome. When you’re an adult, you realize just how disturbing all of this is!

Today’s example: Sesame Street

When I was a kid, I LOVED this show. I figured when I’m not feeling so hot or just need a mommy time out, why not let my son watch this? It’s educational, it’s entertaining, and they throw in jokes for the parents!


Here’s the on-the-surface changes:
-Bert/Ernie: Their stuff is mostly claymation now. (They’re still “confirmed bachelors, so that’s cool)
-There’s a whole array of new characters (Zoe & Abbey to name a few)
-Our favorite old characters are now basically guest appearances- The Count, Big Bird, etc
-There’s an animated segment called “Abby’s Flying Fairy School”, which has a catchy theme song

Then there’s some more disturbing changes:
– Oscar the grouch? He’s on zoloft or prozac, because that guy is awfully happy for a grouch in a trash can.
– Snuffy is no longer stoned
– Cookie Monster IS ON A DIET and can’t go cookie crazy

And then, there’s Elmo.
Elmo has issues, man. I HATE the Elmo segments. He’s supposed to be a toddler, right? Where is his adult supervision? Why is he left in a room to draw on the walls with a crayon? Why is he talking to a fish? And MOST IMPORTANTLY- WHY does Elmo talk to the pedophile who is always outside his damn window? Mr. Noodle freaks me out. I think the reason Mr. Noodle doesn’t talk is because it would violate his parole. That character and that whole situation irks me. WWe DVR Sesame Street, so I usually skip Elmo for fear it’ll teach Asher to talk to strangers, or draw on walls.

Am I the only person that has noticed these changes in Sesame Street? I’m sure, as Asher gets older and I let him watch more kid’s programming, I’ll notice even more crazy things. But what do you think?


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