This is the last post I will make from my desktop computer until we are moved to Jacksonville, NC. ::huzzah?::

Tonight it really hit me that this is happening. I don’t like it one bit. I’m trying to keep an open mind regarding Jacksonville, so today I looked up things going on in the area. I found a new community theater that JUST started up (yay) and a local festival (Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival) which will crown their MISS SHRIMP QUEEN. I don’t even know how to react to that last part. Do I clap? Do I laugh? Do I participate?

…I’ll probably go for it.

As another positive for Jacksonville, the unit we are joining happens to be the same one that Sgt Scott whatshisface is in who just got Mila Kunis to agree to attend birthday ball. So maybe I’ll have a shot of seeing a gorgeous gown while at this shindig? I love birthday ball, and I really hope that the hubbub of her attending doesn’t ruin it. But that’s for November.

Anyway, today was seriously the greatest day I’ve had in a long time. I needed it. And I’m terribly upset that I won’t be able to see my friends as often as I do now. Though, when we moved to Pensacola I never thought I’d make the connections I have here, so who knows?


All I know is, Pensacola has become a very special place to me and the people here have made a home in my heart. You know that feeling you get when you know you’ve made some life long friends? Yeah, that. That’s what I feel for mah peoples here. My grinchy heart has grown sizes while living here (I blame the ungodly heat), and my family has expanded, by blood and by love.

So to all of this I raise my glass (of Raspberry Snapple) and toast to New Adventures, and to Family, because family will always have your back (thanks, Caroline Manzo) & I know I can do anything because I have your support.


2 thoughts on “Here…we…GO!

  1. We will miss you, ToriOreo, but God is sending you to Jacksonville to guide the world’s newest community theatre and, perhaps, to be Miss Shrimp Queen. Although I think you are too tall to be a proper Shrimp Queen. Also, you would have to be Mrs. Shrimp Queen. I bet you and Mila will end up hanging out together. Do dish! (((HUGS)))

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