If I were to title this post it would be “I stabbed my dog because he woke up the baby. Again.”

That header may be misleading, because this post is not actually about stabbing my dog. In fact, I’ve resisted the urge to strangle/stab/burn alive/kick/hit/set free this dog as he has repeatedly woken up Asher this week by BARKING AT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I swear, he hears a leaf fall outside and he’s barking like OJ Simpson is at the door with a knife (note: allegedly).


…what was I doing? Oh yes, writing a post.

Well, my month as a pseudo-single mom is coming to an end. What have I learned? I’ve learned that it takes a village to raise a child and maintain your sanity. Without my friends in the area and my father who came down from Maryland, this month would have been a huge royal suckfest! But it’s what I signed on for.

Now that the month is ending here’s what is up:
– We’re moving! (After a bureaucratic debacle where I had to “get blunt” with our moving liaison to make her actually DO HER JOB…which took almost the entire month to get her prompted to do it, but that’s for another story). The official packing up date is July 14th. So we’re moving around then.
– Matt will be leaving us again come September. This time the training will be for 2 months. So expect fun Pseudeo-Single Mom posts then.
–  Asher (somehow) contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease. On the plus side, he was only miserable for a few days and seems to be on the healing end of everything now. On the negative side-apparently I NEVER HAD THIS SHIT so now I do and it’s not comfortable. At least I now know my son will not have problems with sharing.
– Speaking of Asher, my little Houdini pulled a fast one today. I put him in his Jumperoo and stepped into the next room for no more than 4 minutes. I could hear him the entire time and nothing was out-of-place. I came back into the room to find my son ON THE FLOOR UNDER THE JUMPEROO army-crawling around. From what I can tell, he somehow pulled himself out of the jumperoo. Between this and his unbuckling of his old car seat, I’m fucked.
– I got an invite to Google+ and it’s pretty fucking cool.


In conclusion: We’re gearing up for some changes, common baby illnesses suck,  Google+ is awesome, and my son is the incarnation of Houdini.

at least he keeps it interesting...

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