Stay-At-Home-Mom’ing isn’t Pleasantville

Maybe it’s because Asher is currently in his “oh-God-mommy-don’t-leave-my-line-of-sight-you’re-abandoning-me-you-wicked-woman!” stage, but it is beyond difficult to care for an infant full-time at home AND cook/clean.

And apparently some of you super moms work from home as well? HOW?! It’s beyond difficult to find the time to shower, let alone write a blog post (note: I’m totally writing this post while running the shower water. Don’t you look at me with your “judgey eyes”. My dad is watching Asher, who is sleeping, and I AM taking a shower just as soon as I press publish. THIS IS CALLED MULTITASKING). Now where were we? Oh yes, I was just questioning how these super moms exist?!

Do any of you wish for a time machine, so you can go back to when you were pregnant and tired and slap the shit out of yourself for not getting more done? Cause I know I do. All that organizing time I thought I’d have after the baby was born because “babies sleep a lot”=bullshit. when your kid is sleeping, you’re lucky if you can find the time to feed yourself, let alone sort your file cabinet! Those “brand new newborn days” are literally a blur in my head. I once lost my car keys for two months. TWO MONTHS. You know where they were? Under a couch cushion. HOW DID MY KEYS GET THERE?! I also once fell asleep sitting up on the couch, only to wake up when the baby cried to find myself with a breast exposed and drool down my face. Real classy.

So when I see a mom who somehow manages to keep her home in good order, cooks, stays at home all day with her infant, AND somehow manages simple grooming/maintains her sanity, I’m impressed.

Seriously, what’s your secret?


2 thoughts on “Stay-At-Home-Mom’ing isn’t Pleasantville

  1. Domestiç Reclusë says:

    Ugh, I swear that was the worst stage for me as well, when my kids were being extreeeeemely clingy and giving me a form of claustrophobia. 😉 It was worse with my daughter because unlike my son, she refused to be weaned from nursing until she was almost 3yrs old. (Yep, I was both a milk dispenser & a chew toy.) It’s bad enough you can’t go anywhere alone, but really, to be followed/watched & conversed with while pottying is just so..! LOL The good thing is that kids outgrow that stage, and every other stage such as Terrible Twos, Teen Rebellion, etc. As for your Super SAHM comment, let me know if they tell you their secret cuz I sure in heck wouldn’t mind knowing how to juggle it all and not fall flat on my arze. 😉 Do such moms really exist??

    Oh BTW, I wanted to extend an invitation to you in case you’d like to join fellow stay-at-home bloggers in a blog hop called “S.A.H.bbatical,” since we all can definitely use a sabbatical/break once in a while! Hope to see you there & good luck with mommy-multitasking!

    1. Thanks! I’ll check out that group!

      The clingy stage is SO HARD! I like your point of view on all of it-they WILL outgrow every unattractive phase. Just have to keep reminding myself that!

      As for super moms, I know they exist. How, I have no clue. Surely their therapy bills are high, though.

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