Mommy Morning Routine

Allow me to regale you with my regular morning routine tale:

4-5am: Hear Asher crying on the monitor. Go get him. Bring him back to bed to nurse/go back to sleep.
90 Minutes later: Asher will wake up and cry. This is when the day begins. The following will happen, in this order:
– Nurse Asher
– Pick up Asher out of our bed
– Let the dogs outside
– Change Asher’s diaper/clothes
– Let the dogs in
– Put Asher in playpen/crib
– Feed dogs
– Go pee
– Put Asher’s Diapers in wash
– Start Keurig on my cup of chai
– Make bowl of cereal for self
– By this time Asher will have started crying, so I’ll have to go get him & interact
– Put Asher in his swing/jumperoo
– Quickly eat cereal (now mush) and drink Chai (now cold)

…and that’s just the beginning of the morning. Any other moms go through a similar routine? Am I alone here in putting my basic needs (peeing/eating) on the backburner while trying to get the rest of the stuff done?


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